Thursday, April 26, 2012


huhuhu i never ever knew that boy's toys are so much cooler than girl's toys. yela kan, masa i kecik  manalah i kesah nak main mainan budak-budak laki nih. dok main barbie & polly pocket je ngan my sis.but look what i've found! sangat besssssst!! and believe it or not most of these tak sampai pon rm1,000!

mama's aidan's wishlist :p

1. kiddies giant house - surprisingly harga dia rm900 je!! the cheapest kat toys rus rm3,000 kooot.ingat nak beli for aidan coz dia dah pandai naik slide kat school.pastu bley la jugak parking kereta-kereta dia dalam tu....

2. super cool ride on toy plane - usd439 tapi rasa cam tak best je kan coz it's only a pedal plane plus mahal plak tuh.

3. hummer h2 battery operated ride on - yang ni bes ni. only usd149!!!!!! rasa-rasa if plus shipping berapa pulak la harga? aritu beli blendtec for my mum pon about rm1000(shipping+tax) pffft

4. 6v thomas the tank engine train & track - sangat bessssssst. aidan gonna luv dis!! silap-silap mama aidan pon nak try naik :p harganya £199.95.tapi dah out of stock sighhhhhhhh

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


happy 20 month my lil aidan!

lagi 4 month je lagi dah 2 y.o. kejap je rasa.

and in 4 month oso my lil aidan nak jadi abang dah :-) no worries coz macam-macam mana pun i will always luv u sayang!

btw, dis year aidan gonna celebrate his 2nd bday at his playschool. yay! i tengok macam best je his friends celebrate bday kat school. coz ramai kawan kan. so for aidan's birthday nanti nothing much nak prepare pon. only bday cake & goodies je kut rasanya.

Monday, April 23, 2012


happy birthday to you..
happy birthday to you...
happy birthday to MAMAAAAAAA....
happy birthday to you ♥
(belated bday song :p tapi takpa coz semalam da nyanyi kuat2)

rainbow cake by @eziranazri
Happy Birthday Mama and many happy returns. May Allah shower u with good health, happiness, peace & properity. Amin

comotnyaaa and oh boy..he really loves eziranazri's cake
pssst..thanks adik for zhe pics :-)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

it's a boy?

20 weeks preggy

tak sabarnya nak tunggu next check up :-) suppose pegi this week but terpaksa mintak postpone coz my hubby ada meeting. next week Insyaallah dapat tahu gender my #2 baby. whether it's a boy or girl.

my instinct kata boy. hubby pon rasa boy jugak. but my friends tengok my belly most of them cakap it's a girl. my mom pon sama. tapi my mom tengok buku lali ;p sooo tu yang membuatkan rasa lagi tak sabar nak pegi check up next week. but honestly, i don't mind if it's another boy. banyak baju & shoes aidan sempat pakai kejap je. yang overlook tak sempat pakai pon ada jugak. hehehe

masa time aidan dulu my instinct was wrong. but my hubby's was right. ancient chinese gender chart yang konon-kononnya 90% betul pon salah predict. so yea. tak ley percaya la benda-benda tu. buat suka-suka boleh la. siapa nak try buat sila lah :p

based on this calendar, my #2 baby will be another BOY
old wives' tales boley caya ke? hehehe orang tua dulu-dulu mana ada buat ultrasound pon. main teka-teki je.  so let's see boley caya ke old wives' tales ni. dis one i amik kat


You're more likely to be carrying a boy if ...


• Your baby's heartbeat is lower than 140 beats per minute -tak sure lah

• you're carrying all out front -ramai cakap my belly bulat.

• you're carrying low -maybe

• you're blooming in pregnancy -masa aidan dulu tak blooming pon, selekeh ada la. pakai bedak pon malas

• you didn't suffer from morning sickness in your first trimester -masa aidan dulu yes.but now, evening sickness masa first trimester

• you look at yourself in the mirror for at least a minute and your pupils dilate-tak perasan

• you crave salty food or protein, such as cheese and meat -salty food not really, tp awal-wal dulu i craved black pepper steak & masak lemak daging salai

• your feet become cold more quickly than before you were pregnant -maybe

• you tie your wedding ring to some thread, hang it over your stomach and it moves in circles -tak try coz rasa cam syirik je

• your skin becomes dry -yup

• you combine your age at the time of conception with the number of the month you conceived and the resulting number is even -28+12=40

• your hair has become more full-bodied and shiny during pregnancy-yup.rambut gugur pon kurang

• the hair on your legs has been growing faster during pregnancy-huhuhu yess!

• you are more prone to headache-yup. i tot sebab the weather 

• your pillow faces north when you sleep-tak tahu

• you're asked to show your hands and you present them palms down-vice versa

• you lie on your left side when sleepin-righty

• your previous child's first word was "dada"-mama :p


You're more likely to be carrying a girl  if...

    • Your baby's heartbeat is faster than 140 beats per minute -tak sure

    • you're carrying all round -ramai yg cakap begitu lah

    • you're carrying high -rasa macam low

    • you've missed the "blooming" period altogether -errr

    • you suffered morning sickness during your first 12 weeks -kenapa takda evening sickness?

    • you look at yourself in the mirror for at least a minute, but your pupils don't dilate-tak perasan

    • you crave sweet things, such as juice, fruit and sweets-yesss! tu pasal sugar level naik

    • you tie your wedding ring to some thread, hang it over your stomach and it swings from side to side-tak buatlah

    • your skin is soft-dry

    • you are more moody than usual-yesss

    • you're asked to show your hands and you present them palms up-yesss

    • you combine your age at the time of conception with the number of the month you conceived and the resulting number is odd-teeeet!28+12=40

    • your hair has become thinner and dull during pregnancy-nope

    • you lie on your right side when sleeping-yesss

    • your previous child's first word was "mama"-yesss

    kesimpulannya, based on both chinese gender chart & babycentre's old wives' tales, we'll prolly have another BOY.. so mari kita lihat nanti siapa yang kena :p

    Friday, April 13, 2012


    hehehe meet encik phil & teds. just added this one to my 2012's wishlist!!

    senang kan? tak payah nak travel with 2 strollers. jimat space boot kereta jugak. tapi agak berat sikit if compare dengan yang aidan pakai sekarang :( hmmmmm.

    yang green tu kat mothercare kl it's rm4,320. if i beli kat uk it's only rm2,800 after convert & tu belom tolak tax. jimat banyaaaaak if beli kat overseas. i suka the latest phil & teds yang 4 wheels tu. tak payah susah-susah nak pump tayar :p 

    tapi tapi tapi tapi ma.donna pakai yang kaler green tuuuuuu.