Friday, January 28, 2011

baby's first flight: traveling with an infant

When we took our first 8hr flight with my lil Aidan he was about 4 months young. I googled for tips & some good advice to keep my baby calm during the flight yelah, first time kan. I was worried that he might be a lil bit cranky due to the pressure but Alhamdulillah, we survived *yay* I was lucky my mom was with me jugak time tu.hehe

So here's a few tips I wanna share that will make flying with your baby easier, efficient & enjoyable.

Carry-On Luggage/Diaper Bag Checklist
  1. Diapers -Pack at least one diaper for every hour of travelling (in case flight delay etc)
  2. Changing Mat
  3. Wipes
  4. Hand Sanitizer
  5. Extra Pacifiers -Always a good idea to have at least 3 ye, in case satu hilang, satu lagi terjatuh ke
  6. Clothes -For baby & also for yourself
  7. Blanket & Pillow
  8. Nursing Cover -Optional, this one if your baby still b.feeding. I pon tak guna dis one. guna his blanket je :)
  9. Baby food & Milk (if your baby dah start solid & drinks formula)
  10. Favourite Toys
  11. Last but not least, don't forget your Plastic Bags -Plastic Bag ni perlu sangat-sangat ye, you'll need this to put dirty diapers, dirty clothes in so that the mess doesn't get mixed in with clean items in your diaper bag. takkan nak buang merata-rata plakkan. euw
* Change diapers before boarding the plane is advisable. bagi baby fresh before boarding
* Changes in air pressure can hurt your babies ears, make sure to nurse your baby during take off & landings
* NEVER sedate your baby during travel. Aidan's paed pon advise not to give him any medication coz he might become hyper & upset instead of having the calming effect.

Yay!! I survived my first flight :) eh mama, Aidan kat mana ni?
Sejuknyaaaaa. Papa tak sejuk ke?
My Family

Thursday, January 27, 2011

first post

Ehem..This will be my first post & first time being a blogger :)  I've visited so many blogs but honestly I have never felt compelled to create one until now. What made me change my mind? heeeee. ni semua bcoz of this lil munchkin. 

Mohamad Aidan Ilhan Bin Mohamad Ashril - 24 Aug 2010 @ 8.48pm, PMC Bangsar
4.20kg, normal delivery okay but with the help of epidural :p TQ Prof Dato' Dr Hamid Arshat 

Day 2

Aidan @ 4 1/2 month. huwaaaaa cepatnya Aidan besar  :(
& this is the reason why I change my mind.dang!! I should've started blogging masa pregnant.menyesal!!!
 last few days, Aidan dah masuk 5 months, he's still exclusive breastfeeding (thanx to those who encourage me to b.feed exclusively) so next month aidan dah nak start his first solid food. now, i'm pretty busy googling recipes for his lil tummy.hehe

p/s : i have soooo many things in my mind that i wanna do in this blog. hurm..slowly but surely lah yer. kita ni dah la buta IT :(