Sunday, February 27, 2011

banana and recipes

I gave Aidan a lil bit of mashed banana and farley's rusk biscuits last friday. He loved it tapi..........lepas makan tu he had stomach flu :( sorry aidan. Mama wont give you bananas anymore. Tunggu aidan dah besar sket la baru bagi bananas plak k. Kesian tengok aidan kena diaper rash T.T sorry sorry sorry. 

I really really really hope aidan tak allergic to pisang. sangat sangat rugilah nanti tak ley nak makan goreng pisang azmi!!,  pengat pisang or my favourite sira pisang :p 

Sira Pisang
pics from
Btw, semalam I cooked grilled lamb with black pepper sauce, salads and mashed potatoes. for dinner. black pepper sauce tu I buat from scratch coz I don't have any stok brown sauce kat rumah ni. malas nak keluar. so guna je lah apa yang ada. huhu. I jumpa resipi kat sini tapi I alter sket ikot my own citarasa. not bad. sedapla jugak. rasa macam kat uptown tu je.hehe :)

recipe #1: grilled lamb with black pepper sauce, salads & cheddar mashed potatoes.

*marinate lamb with 1 tbs mustard,1 tbs hp brown sauce &1 tbs lea perrin sauce (1 hr)
*after 1 hr, grill atas pan je, up to you lah, u nak medium ke well done :) oh, i use olive oil sket. konon-kononnya sebagai fat-burning metabolism. eat fat lose fat :p 

black pepper sauce
3 tbs butter
4 tbs flour
150ml air
150ml low fat milk 
1 chicken stock cube
3 tbs dark soy sauce
1 tsp balsamic vinegar
1 bayleaf
3 tbs crushed peppercorns

* cairkan butter & masuk kan flour. kacau sampai mendidih. then masukkan ingredients lain. masak   sampai pekat. if pekat sangat bleh je tambah sket air/susu lagi :)

cheddar mashed potatoes
3 potatoes, peeled & cut into 1 inch pieces
1 cup heated milk
2 tbs butter
1 pcs cheddar cheese
dash of dried parsley
salt & pepper to taste

* cook potatoes in boiling water until tender. Remove from heat. Mash, adding 1/2 cup milk & butter. Add cheese, parsley, salt & pepper.  Beat with spoon, add remaining milk until desired consistency is reached.

:) so okaylah, selamat mencuba. hehehe

Thursday, February 24, 2011

aidan: the 6 month update

Mohamad Aidan Ilhan is 6 month old young today, I can't believe how fast time has flown by. I think this has been the most fun stage yet!

* Reaches out for things and when he grabs it, it goes straight into his mouth(even his feet!)
* All of a sudden, he pushed his pacifier away!He really hates it now
* Rolls over (back to front) / Hates being on his stomach
* Has tasted air zam-zam, avocado and air masak!
* Loves to play the beach ball
* 6.60 kg, drinks 4oz every 2 hours

Aidan, Mama loves you more than you will ever be able to understand.

dulu, pacifierla peneman dikala sunyi (cewah!)
now, i don't need it anymore mama!! dah big boy lah

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

maysaa's chiffon scarf snood

I've shopped quite a couple of online shops before but the one that I love the most is definitely from Maysaa London. Their customer service exceeded my expectation, items were dispatched and delivered just within 1-2 days! and I simply love love love loveeeee their packaging. sangat sangat cantik okay, sampai rasa sayangla I nak bukak :p

Masa first time tu, I bought their famous chiffon scarf snood and of course lah I love them to bits. It is very easy to wear (requires no pin), lightweight, suits my chubby face shape, and it's so stylish. Good job Hana Tajima! I really wish they will come in different colors soon!

£19 Chiffon Scarf Snood

My sis berkenan bila tengok I pakai. She tried mine, ye lah mana tau kan kot kot tak sesuai ngan muka dia but of course lah bila dah try tu she fell in love with it! That chiffon scarf snood suits  most face shapes :) So yesterday, I've bought another two chiffon scarf snoods and also jersey insert satin hoodie(for my sis okay)nanti my other half tu ingat i ni tak abis abis shopping online. I was surprised to see the parcel in the office pagi tadi as I expect semua tu sampai esok.  Oh I love love love Maysaa. Now, I  semakin tak sabar tunggu Maysaa restock their satin wrap band snood! They've announced kat facebook that they  gonna restock them in other colors as well! 

the packaging!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a yee sang dinner

Happy belated CNY! huhu dah habis Chap Goh Meh baru teringat nak wish CNY :p ni gara-gara last weekend we all had Yee Sang for our  family dinner @ Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant. I never ever tasted Yee Sang before. hehe ingat ke tak halal benda alah ni :p Yee Sang is actually a Chinese raw fish salad. The main ingredients of this salad include slices of raw salmon, pickled fruits & vegetables, crackers, carrots, pamelos, roasted peanuts and a variety of sauces and condiments.
My First Yee Sang!
The best part in eating Yee Sang is when all of us had to toss the ingredients with our chopsticks together. The higher the toss, the higher your fortune growth! (ye ke? kekeke kitorang takda la toss tinggi tinggi pon). I really love how all the ingredients mixed creating the perfect taste. Crunchy and soft at the same time. Lovely!

Time To Toss!!
Apart from Yee Sang we also had these....Thank you Abah & Mama for these lovely dinner :)

Stir Fried Venison with Spring Onion & Ginger
Lobster Baked in Butter Sauce (ye ke? alamak lupa laa :p)
Steamed Fish in Soy Sauce
Roasted Crispy Chicken

Monday, February 21, 2011

aidan's first food, avocado!

You will be pleased to know that the first 6 month's of your baby's life is a relatively easy one for you when it comes to feeding. The only thing you will need is your boobies and/or bottle :) Then your baby will start to grow, and the time will come when you will need to think about solid foods and how to go about introducing this to your baby. I plan on avoiding processed, canned, preservative-filled baby food. Please keep in mind that current recommendations advice that babies should start solid foods at 6 months of age.

My lil Aidan will be 6 months on Thursday and until yesterday, I have exclusively breastfed him! (am planning to continue breastfeeding Aidan for at least 12 months) I chose avocado puree for Aidan's first bite. But why chose avocados over bananas or sweet potatoes?

Yummy Avocado

FYI, avocado is an excellent first food for your baby. I really like it because it is easy to make, all natural, unprocessed and loaded with healthy nutrients. Avocados are sometimes thought of as a veggie but they are actually a fruit and contain more nutrient than any other fruit. They are rich in monounsaturated fat, the 'good type' of fat which helps prevent heart disease. Not only that, it also boosts the immune system and easy to digest. For more info on avocados check this out!

Aidan loves his first food!

Full Stomach Makes A Happy Heart!
p/s: I had to retype this entry all over again. huhu tu laaa gatal tangan sangat gi delete. padan muka diri sendiri :p 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

pap smear test & thai food

Ehem ladies....have you done your pap smear test? I did mine yesterday @ my famous obgyn Prof Dato' Dr Hamid Arshat. For those yang tak tahu anything about pap smear, its actually a harmless screening test for cervical cancer. Read here for further explanation. 

Sakit tak? Tak sakit pun, just a lil discomfort kejap. I pon mula-mula takot jugak, hehe lagi-lagi baru lepas bersalin. Traumanya masih belom hilang. Trauma punya pasal, I empat kali cancel my appointment :p malu jerrr. Before nak buat tu pon I tanya lagi kat Prof sakit tak. hahaha. I siap suruh my sis teman kay, mane tahu kot kot lepas buat pap smear tu sakit sangat sampai takley nak drive.kekeke Anyway, sape yang tak buat lagi pap smear tu sila la buat. Tak mahal pon. If gi klinik kerajaan, RM 1 je if nak buat kat Klinik Dr Hamid Arshat ni RM30 pap smear + rm60 consultation fee :) It is important to remember that prevention is  always better than cure.

Now,let's talk about thai food! I loooooooooove thai food, who doesn't kan? Pegi lah mana-mana pon kat dunia ni for sure you can find thai food easily. I love their tom yam, steamed fish, nam prik, hor mok talay, thai salads, thab thim krob, thai fried banana, etc. Trust me, I can eat thai food everyday.heeeee tapi tak mampulah nak pegi makan kat restoran thai tu setiap hari :( So what did I do if I dah start craving for thai food???? I cook them.heeeeeee :) 

Thank You Ms Amporn Oleski for your lovely thai recipes. It is superbly delicious & easy for newbie like me to learn. I've already tried 3 of her recipes & I definitely can't wait to try more. My other half said it's delicious :p So...if you love thai food like I do then it is definitely worth your time to check out Ms Amporn Oleski's Blog :)

Thai Steamed Fish with Lime Sauce
Thai Fried Pomfret in Chili Sauce
Stir Fried Asparagus with Shitake

Friday, February 18, 2011

my favourite citrus

Have you ever find yourself standing around with your friends or family at lunchtime/dinnertime, trying to figure out where to go but having absolutely no idea? I selalu je camni. Bila my other half or sape-sape je lah tanya, I cam blank. If I happened to be @ Bangsar my answer will always either Citrus or Sakae Sushi. Both sebelah sebelah je kat Bangsar Village II ni. Senang kan?!

Citrus, Bangsar Village II
Sakae Sushi tu biasalah coz we all ni sashimis & sushis no.1 fan. Even masa pregnant pon both my mum & I craved for sashimis. hahahah. I know i's not good to eat those masa pregnant kan? tapi sekali sekali apa salahnya :p

So masa cuti maulidur rasul tu we decided to have our lunch kat Citrus again! I love love love love their desserts. Their citrusmisu, red velvet cake and carrot walnut cake are to die for!! Those cakes tu if weekend gi lambat je for sure dah habis. Jangan harap lah dapat merasa. Sigh.

Red Velvet Cake @ Citrus. Do try this ok? :) 
Carrot Walnut Cake *Yums!*
Sorry, Citrusmisu tak da gambar coz masa we all pegi tu boleh tak cake tu belum siap lagi *frust!* But for me, it is one of the best tiramisu in town! Rasa dia pahit pahit manis creamy. Sangat sangat sedap.

Their main dishes so far I baru try their olio aglio, carbonara, marinara & philly steak sandwich. semua best!! Btw, they also cater Malay cuisine so banyaklah choices. Bila I checked in guna foursquare, most food yang orang recommend adalah beryani & red relvet cake! beryani tu I takleh nak sahkan coz I belom try lagi.hehe sorry :)
One of the Main Dishes - Marinara with Eggplant
Philly Steak Sandwich :)
My Favourite Citrusmisu! Silalah try
Gambar citrusmisu tu, I baru je amik. After aidan's check up kat Baby & Beyond tadi, nampak citrusmisu tu tersengih-sengih je so we decide to have our lunch @ Citrus. yes. AGAIN. oh I tried their green tea macaroons. sedap jugak. tapiiiiiiii it's rm3.50 seketul. OMG, I dua kali tanya. RM3.50 tu for 1 piece ke for 1 set.hahaha nasib baik tanya dulu :p

Monday, February 14, 2011



Busy sungguh weekend sampai lupa nak update blog. haha. how was your weekend? mine was awesome, walaupon I'm having stuffy nose & sore throat but I love love love my weekend. weekend je la masa I nak berkepit ngan Mohamad Aidan Ilhan.

Btw, hari jumaat tu my sis sleepover kat my house coz dia dah rindu giler kat aidan & kakak dia every sabtu dia ada art class kat Taipan. we had our dinner @ strawberry field. kak long dia malas nak masak. uhuhuhu kena perli lah lagi ngan my other half tu dapur dah lama tak berasap :p

Saturday - after we had breakfast, I gi visit my friend Zetty, dia baru gave birth to a very handsome boy! jeles I tengok bulu mata baby H.Z :) after that, we had to rush to baby Alayna's cukur jambul @ DU. huhuhuhuu sorryyyyla I boleh lupa nak snap photos (belom get use lagi nak bergambar untuk upload kat blog ni kekeke). Otw balik I singgah mybbstore, beli walker untuk my lil Aidan.

Mama, apa nih?

Happy nampak dok dalam walker
Malam tu we had family dinner kat E San Thai Kitchen @ Ara Damansara. Bukan selalu dapat berkumpul  dengan sedara mara ni. but too bad my other half was not around :( Dinner was incredibly delicious! I love their hor mok talay  crispy kangkung.  There are some bloggers yang dah buat review about E san. You can read it here and here.

Haha dah habis makan tom yam baru ingat nak ambik gambar :p
Sunday plak I g my parents house, saje bawak aidan jumpa tok ma dia. Then after that we all lunch kat Cafe Barbera @ Jalan Maarof. hahaha I lupa lagi nak amik gambar. Ampuuuuuuun. nanti lah kalau gi lagi makan kat Cafe Barbera tu Insyaallah I buat review :p Petang tu singgah rumah PIL plak, my other half nak jumpa sedara mara dia plak. Macam ni la hidup berfamili ni, rasa tak cukup je weekend 48jam tu. Rasa macam nak mintak lagi 10 jam extra. huhuhu :p

@Cafe Barbera, Sibuk ngan Aidan ni la slalu lupa je nak ambik gambar :p

Thursday, February 10, 2011

a gift

The other day, when I was in my room @ my parent's house I saw this

Pls focus on that wording thing!

Btw, it was a gift from mama few years back erm maybe 10 tahun lepas? lupa plak.(that wording thing  ye bukan yg tajine tu. hmm but tajine tu pon my mum kasi. haha tq Mama) Mama gave it one for me & one for my sis, Eggie. Every time I read it I cried. Oh now, I dah bawak balik display kat my house plak :p

To My Daughter, with Love Forever  

When you were a baby
I thought I could rock you in my arms forever
I thought I could look into your button eyes forever
I thought I could play with your little fingers forever
I thought I could watch your adorable grin forever

You are no longer a baby
but a beautiful person with a full range of emotions, ideas & goals
and I want you to know that no matter what you do,
what you think or what you say, 
you can depend on my support & love forever  

Now dah ada my own baby, lagi la menangis bila I baca tu. When I look at Aidan, I feel like I wanna pause the time. I know I'm gonna miss this moments in few years time. Even anytime now if Allah dah tetapkan. I will try my best to spend my free time to be with Aidan coz I know it wont last forever *sobs*
Aidan, Can I hold you like this forever? *sobs*

Not that i'm not grateful but I'm soooooo jealous coz my mil & bibik dapat kiss & cuddle Aidan whenever I'm 9hours at work. Sebab tu la no one is allowed to bathe Aidan. Only me,me,me & always will be me. I hope Aidan will  always love me back bila dia besar nanti. & always remember good things about me. Even if i'm not a perfect mom. I always wish I bley jadi housewife one sweet day. Insyaallah if ada rezeki lebih one day I will. Amin.

I hope I am a good daughter and daughter in law. I will try my very very best to be one coz I want same thing in return :) I tak nak my son hantar I kat rumah orang orang tua macam iklan petronas tu. huwaaaaaaa sedihnyaaaaaaaaa.

Tokma & Aidan - both I love, dunia akhirat.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

just the way you are

Omg. am so in love with this song. berlegar-legar je dalam kepala ni. huhu. I simply love the lyrics especially part yang chorus tu 

When I see your face
There's not a thing that I would change
Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile
The whole world stops and stares for a while
Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are

I would like to dedicate this special song to my dearest hubby. It doesn't matter what other people think of you coz to me you're still amazing. Just the way you are. Thank you for being such a loving & doting husband. Thank you for taking such a good care of me & our lil Aidan. Thank you for your patience & understanding. I'm truly blessed to have such a wonderful husband. Thank you Allah. 

Married since 8 Aug 2008

Monday, February 7, 2011

umrah & baby

Alhamdulillah, performing umrah with my 5 month young Aidan wasn't as difficult as i thought it would be *phewww* thank you to those who invented the baby carrier :) Everything went smoothly except bila dah saie yang no.5 tu i dah penat sangat coz sampai mekah we all terus je buat umrah & habis umrah at 3am!tu nasib baik tak ramai orang but I'm amazed, Aidan lansung tak cranky. tergolek-golek je tido dalam baby carrier tu.

Aidan & Izureen @ Masjidil Haram
Masa solat pulak, for the first few days tu my sis, Izureen yang tolong jaga Aidan *tq zureen* but then bila Aidan dah start nangis tu, my sis pon panic bila tak dapat nak pujuk so I have to stop my solat coz dah tak kusyuk dah pon. rugilahkan tak dapat nak solat berimam kat masjidil haram tu coz 1 solat di masjidil haram = 100,000 solat di masjid-masjid lain.

Anyway, masa i tengah dok pujuk-pujuk Aidan ni ada satu mak arab ni pass by & suruh i solat sambil dukung aidan. I pon tanyala mama bleh ke tak. My mum pon tak sure coz takot mazhab tak sama kan. So takpela, suruh je la zureen jaga. Then tiba-tiba ada satu kakak ni dok depan I, she's from KL jugak *oh no, lupa tanya nama* dia pon bawak baby & dia lagila sorang-sorang. So I asked her, camne dia solat & she explained. So here's the explanation camna nak solat sambil dukung baby, tapi I solat sambil duduk coz tak yakin time nak rukuk tu. Nanti cubala ye. practise makes perfect :)

Solat sambil dukung baby
pics from
Here's a few photos from our 2011 umrah trip :)

@ KL Sentral Posing dulu sebelum check in :p
Tengah tunggu lift @ Hilton Tower Makkah 
 On the way to Masjidil Haram, Sempat lagi Mama & Tok Ma posing :p

Selepas solat subuh :)

Masjid Nabawi

Aidan & Tok Ma @ Masjid Nabawi
*ooops hp sengaja tersorok dalam pampers aidan.eheh masjid nabawi ni strict cket. no hp/camera allowed

Pekena Lamb Mandi @ Jeddah *Delicious!*