Tuesday, February 26, 2013

sleep baby sleep

i started sleep training airees when she was 4mo. it ain't easy. trust me ;p 
but now lights on ke lights off ke aidan ada ke bunyi ipad ke semua boleh. hehehe
BTW, i've tried the 'cry-it-out' method. kesian lah. i felt sooooo bad cos airees nangis sampai termuntah.i jugak yang susah kena salin her baju, cadar, blanket etc. huhuh

anyways these are how i've done:
•i trained airees during her evening nap first.lepas da berjaya baru train for her bedtime
•first, u have to ensure that she's full before nap/bedtime
•include all the things that she has learned to associate with going to sleep in her bedtime ritual- lullaby music toy/youtube's lullaby & her paci
•position yourself so that you can gently pat her
•when she begins to cry, try not to pick her up (this will be extremely hard to do, but if you pick her up, she will learn to cry next time until you do again!)
•continue to pat her, sing to her, tell her you love her, hug her & comfort her until she falls asleep(sometimes i yang tertido dulu hahahha)

the first night it may take an hour-and-a-half or even more for her to go to sleep. the following night she may go to sleep all by herself or you may need go to through the same painful process again.
you will probably gonna face about six crying episodes before your child learns how to go to sleep on her own :)
consistent routine every night is the key! all the best mommies :-)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

airees at 6 months old

  • 5.56 kg (her paed said she's healthy & nothing to worry, so tak payah nak memandai-mandai nak suruh bagi bubur ayam mcd pulak)
  • knows her name
  • rolls over in both directions
  • play with her hands & feets
  • loves to play the peek-a-boo
  • her first solid food are cerelac nestum & avocado puree (she loves avocade puree more than cerelac)
  • sleeps at 10pm every night & wakes up for milky at 5/6am then tido balik until 8am (hehe good girl)
  • may start to crawl soooooooon! 
  • andddddddddddd to those yang suka sangat tanya 'airees still bf ke'? the answer is 'NO'.airees drinks formula milk since she's 4 months old due to my health reasons masa bf aidan dulu and few other reasons (bagitau awal-awal karang ada pro bf mommies nak sekolahkan i. macamlah if bagi susu formula tu i tak sayang airees) 
OMG next week dah masuk march! oh no! i feel so bad cos sempat update blog sebulan sekali ja sekarang. huwaaaaaaa.