Monday, April 8, 2013

Hospital Bag Checklist

This post is for you Farha :-)
and of cos for me too. Huwaaa i've lost my list so i've decided to blog about it.

Taktau la sama ke tak with orang lain cos for airees i pack my bags ikut my previous experience. Masa aidan dulu i ikot the list from the internet. banyak unnecessary stuff & benda penting takda. hmmm

So here's my hospital bag checklist

Going to Hospital (For Mommy)

1. Front Button Shirt / Nursing friendly top
2. Long Skirt (I tak pakai kain batik)
3. Maxi Dresses
4. 2-3 pair Socks
5. Disposable Panties
6. Sanitary Pad (I used the one with cooling gel for the first few days after bersalin cos it's damn pain down there huhuhu)
9. Contact Lens & Specs
10. Slippers
11. Handphone & Charger & Camera
12. Ipad (I pasang Quran 24/7 for 45days)
13. Toiletries
14. Minyak Herbanika or any minyak urut will do
15. Easy to wear bengkung (I rimas tengok perut gelebeh so I sanggup ikat bengkung sendiri hehehe)
16. Donut Pillow ('s damn pain down there)
17. Hijab (hahaha masa aidan dulu i lupa k bawak tudung)
18.**Your IC
20. Cream Crackers (I cepat lapar malu nak mintak nurse)
21. 3 in 1 Horlicks. Hospital normally provides Milo.Horlicks akan bnyakkan susu ;)
22. LOTION MUSTAJAB EXTRA HOT!!! (for me penting cos i nak kurus cepat bahahah)
23. Baju, Seluar, Boxers & Toilettries for daddy

(For Baby)

1. 2-3 Romper (Front Button - your baby is fragile, u takkan berani nak pakaikan baju slip on lagi)
2. Mittens & Booties
3. Receiving Blankie
4. Hat
5. Diapers
6. Minyak Yuyi & Minyak Telon

Okay. Done. Legaaa takda hutang dah. heeee

Oh ya one more thing. I bought this SET PENGURUSAN URI for my hubby. bagi present. heeeee cos dia yang kena cuci & tanam uri. I beli online ja. Rasanya less than RM40 :-)

All the best Farha :) Semoga selamat semuanya. Can't wait to see your lil mini soooon XOXO

Thursday, April 4, 2013

BLOSSOMS by Needle & Stitches

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yours truly in electric blue BLOSSOMS :)


huwaaa lama gila tak update blog. 

both kids are down with HFMD. both cranky & clingy at the same time :( 
eeeeee seriously i think HFMD ni lagi teruk than roseala infantum tuh! patutlah aidan's playschool strict sangat. i kena tunggu semua blisters clear. pastu mintak clearance letter from Dr then baru boleh hantar aidan pegi school balik. 

ni dah nak masuk 2 weeks, but blister masih ada kat kaki and tangan. fuhhh. stress i. 

nantilah i'll update more about that. aidan mengamok. BYE