Thursday, August 22, 2013

airees turns 1

oh em gee! i feel so baddddddd.

time aidan 1 yo punyala celebrate besar-besaran. time airees ni update blog pun tak sempat T______T

we just came back from london last saturday and both aidan & airees still jetlag. birthday girl pulak cherry berry cos baru tukar formula milk. huwaaaaaa macam zombie dah rasa.

anyway, happy 1yo my sweet lil princess, AIREES IRISA

today you're a healthy 6.8kg petite lil walker (i guess its from ur papa's genes).

you're very active, social, independent and loving. hahaha thank god you're not having that silly stranger anxiety anymo. i love you so muchhhhhhhhh baby girl!  i'm so happy to see you grown up beautifully each day and I really really hope one day i'm gonna be your bestie ;)

thank you Allah for blessing our life with this beautiful baby girl