Saturday, March 26, 2011

roseola oh roseola!

My lil guy recently was not feeling well :( oh poor aidan.

First, his fever went on for 5 days. even bagi ubat every 4 hours pon his temp turun til 38.5 degrees celcius je. lucky his temp tak reach 40. I was worried sick because i know fevers can sometimes cause convulsions and seizures in babies. We gave him medicine & koolfever to lower his temp, lukewarm sponge bath and gave him plenty of milky and water to prevent him from dehydration.

Then, after 5 days his high fever ends abruptly and at the same time pinkish red rashes appears on his forehead and stomach. In few hours, it spread all over his body. poor poor aidan :( oh BTW, aidan's paed dah bagitahu I awal-awal that these rashes would come out once demam dah surut and it's not campak/chickenpox/measles.

Nama penyakit ni roseola infantum also known as baby measles/fake measles. It is a viral illness of infants and young kids, most commonly affecting those between 6 mths- 2yrs old; characterized by abrupt high fever then a few days later there is a faint pinkish rash that lasts for a few hours to a few days.

Roseola is contagious, meaning it can be spread from one person to another. There is no vaccine for roseola infantum. It is different from measles or chickenpox which can be prevented by vaccine. There is no medicine given to cure it.

Alhamdulillah, after 5 days rashes dah disappear completely. & now Aidan and Mama dah tak dikuarantin.YAY!! :)

24/3/11 - Aidan nak gi check up je tapi Mama punyala jangok.hihihi

26/3/11 - Aidan dah rashes free!!!! wohoo no more kuarantin!

Friday, March 18, 2011

get well soon my lil aidan!

oh no!!! dah DAY 4, but aidan temp still tak turun turun. 38.5 - 39 degrees. its the first time, aidan demam actually. before this just slight fever bcoz of injection. hmmmmm today, we're gonna see his paed again for check up. aritu dah amik darah. his paed said its just viral fever infection. i hope everything will be ok. pls pls doakan my lil aidan cepat sembuh.oh and he's teething by the way. but still, i hate seeing my son tak sihat, tak happy & tak active. poor lil boy!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

hello twitter

ahhhhhhh my sis berjaya pujuk me to sign up twitter account. before this i just ignored her.but lately ni i tengok banyak je berita berita tersebar dengan cepat through twitter contohnya yang bomb WWII jumpa kat KLIA2, Japan kena earthquake, and also Bruno Mars tickets dah start jual and dah pon sold out! 
My sis dok cakap twitter ni bagusla lagi cepat dari radio and whatnot if nak tahu jalan jam ke apa. but i'm still new to it and tak berapa nak paham sangat how it works :( tengoklah berapa lama i dapat bertahan. kekekeke. so let's start twitting.....

Twitter Icon

Thursday, March 10, 2011


kekeke.sekarang aidan dah boleh laugh out loud :D buat la silly faces ke geletek ke pastu tergelak gelak la dia. not only that , now dia suka cakar-cakar muka.bukan muka je k!! kat mana-mana tempat la dia suka nak cakar then dia akan cakar. OUCH!!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


oh em gee! long sleeve jumpsuits are so drop dead gorgeous! I dah try cari mana tahu kot kot local online blogshops ada but tak jumpa pon *tears* banyak yang sleeveless je. yang sleeveless, I dah ada tapi cam susahla nak kene pakai with inner/jacket. I want something like these :- 

I prefer yang open front. senang nak bagi milky kat my baby :) cantik kan? all these ada kat asos. sekarang ni asos tengah buat clearance sale + free delivery worldwide!! now I takleh nak decide yang mana satu nak. semua cantik hmmmmmmmm

p/s: sapa-sapa tahu kat mana nak cari long sleeve jumpsuit kat kl ni pls inform me k :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

do you ever miss being pregnant?

3 lil heroes inside us - zhank you sari for the pics :)
Well, I miss being PREGGY(I thought I would hate it)! I never ever thought that I would miss it this much but I dooooo! *lol*

NO! IT'S NOT TIME FOR ANOTHER BABY YET! mana lah tahu kot kot ada orang baca ni then ingat I ni tengah ttc baby #2 ke. kekeke, no la belom lagi okay :)

I just miss being big, of course I always looked like a blow fish back then but who cares? :p Luckily I lost all the weight. Thanks to breastfeeding. I miss my bump. I miss every kick and push and bump he gave me!. It's such an awesome feeling! I am more than happy that he is finally here but I kinda feel empty without him being in there. Its something you get used to, and its also a bond between mommy and baby. and no one else can feel that bond. It is special and there is nothing wrong with missing it :)

To all expecting mommies!! Enjoy it while it lasts.. you WILL MISS IT!!

ooops 4 lil heroes okay. semua dah selamat bersalin. alhamdulillah :)

thanks again hot mama for these lovely pics xoxo