Friday, September 23, 2011

aidan's 1st birthday bash @ jeumpa d'ramo promised, here are the photos (courtesy of my SILs, sis & fwens) of Aidan's first birthday bash plus our raya open house event!

by the way, below are the links to all the resources that I've used during the party:

birthday boy. Alhamdulillah he was in a good mood the whole day
first time jumpa clown. takot ke? :p
personalised goodie bags from CGP. btw its cheaper then toy's rus
also from CGP
boss tengah check foods by caterer

bf mommies support grp :p
wif my KTJ fwens :)
the deco. deco la sangat kan. tarok balloons je
aidan & his uncles :p hahaha kecik2 dah jadi uncle.padan muka
hahahah. nura's mommy sempat snap this photo
tok ma & aidan. sempat je posing tokma ni :)
aidan & grandpa
Dearest Aidan, We hope you enjoyed your first birthday party. We love you to bits & pieces XX

p/s fuhhh lega. no more hutang to myself. selagi tak blog pasal bday tu selagi tu tak tenang. hehe

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