Wednesday, February 22, 2012


guess who's pregnant again!? yup ME!!! i'm about 13 weeks now :-) Syukur Alhamdulillah

for now, i am mostly fine during the day but petang je i feel extremely tired and sick. the hardest thing is eating in the evening. i just dont fancy anything except for this! 
pembuka selera ku!
and also this!

unagi to sashimi zen @ rakuzen
tapikan anak raja pon boleh bankrupt lah if ikutkan sangat nafsu mengada ni.huwaaaaaa

i can't wait to feel a little better by the end of this first trimester. sekarang ni nak masak pon tak larat ja. kesian hubby selalu kena makan masakan wife orang lain  :-(


  1. i pon awal pregnancy rasa letih je. but after consume shaklee vits for pregnancy, i feel better. take care ili... jgn keje kuat2 sgt.

  2. congrats, ili :) bestnya nak dapat baby.. take care yer..

  3. congrat ili.... awl2 preggy biasa la tu, insyAllah pasni ok..