Monday, January 14, 2013

stranger danger

Is it true that stranger anxiety is a common condition in babies? 
It's a new thing for me cos aidan dulu takda plak this kinda anxiety. dengan semua orang okay. macho je aidan.
I started to notice that airees have this since she's about 3 mo. bila orang tegur je mula lah nak crybaby. and airees's strangers list include: her tokma, her aunties, unfamiliar relatives & whoeverlah yang dia tak tengok hari-hari. 
pening kepala i ni haaaa ngan my mum pun dia nak nangis. padahal every week kot jumpa bukannya jumpa sebulan sekali.huhuhu howla airees?jangan jadi anti-social plissssss :'( 
nway i ada terjumpa articles on how to overcome stranger anxiety. so far these are the best advices:
  1. give her time to become familiar with new surroundings. allow them to discover things at her own pace to help to reduce anxiety 

  2. stay within sight at all times. hmm this one tak berapa setuju cos if airees sees me lagila dia nak mama dia kan? 

  3. tell friends and other family members to approach her slowly so that she has time to feel comfortable around them and not forced to meet and greet them. tapi some ppl tu taknak dgr.da explain pun tak paham. maybe selama ni semua baby kat muka bumi ni tak nangis kot dia pegang. bila mek airees da meraung baru nak panic

  4. greet friends & relatives with hugs and kisses so babies can discover who is safe, and learn to feel less anxious and be more comfortable
babycentre said that most babies grow out of stranger anxiety by the time they turn 1. I really hope that this phase passes soon. lenguh tangan mama ni airees, nasib baik baru 5kg :p

hehehe nasib baik dengan papa dia tak nangis. kalu tak pengsaaaaaan mama. btw if once a week i bring her to gymboree okay ke? ke tunggu dah pandai crawl?

baru kena tegur, mata da start berair huhuhu
i'm mama new bff - airees

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