Thursday, May 30, 2013

buttermilk chicken & buttermilk prawn

I've cooked buttermilk chicken few month back tapi i'm sooo frustated with the result T_T
Tak sedap macam kat gold chili. dahla cepat muak. If pegi gold chili I selalu mintak buttermilk chicken with extra gravy cos nak hirup the sauce. tp my version hampehhhh huhuhu. rupa-rupanya i salah resipi :p  
my first buttermilk chicken :(
Well, second time I try buat buttermilk I guna resipi my dearest friend, Sari. hehehhe thank you babe :x: andddddddddddd surprise..surprise.. lebih kurang ja rasa cam kat gold chili. hehhehehe YAY! tapi this time i guna prawns.

my buttermilk prawn
I've uploaded the recipe kat my instagram since few of my friends requested. To those yang tak follow tu, its okay. I will upload it and share it here k ;) Do give it a try!! Sedap tak tipu!! heheh

Here's the recipe :)