Friday, March 18, 2011

get well soon my lil aidan!

oh no!!! dah DAY 4, but aidan temp still tak turun turun. 38.5 - 39 degrees. its the first time, aidan demam actually. before this just slight fever bcoz of injection. hmmmmm today, we're gonna see his paed again for check up. aritu dah amik darah. his paed said its just viral fever infection. i hope everything will be ok. pls pls doakan my lil aidan cepat sembuh.oh and he's teething by the way. but still, i hate seeing my son tak sihat, tak happy & tak active. poor lil boy!


  1. Oh,poor Aidan :(
    Dun worry, Ili.. Aidan is a strong boy..
    Hang in there ok, mommy?

  2. Aunty doakan aidan cepat sembuh & membesar dengan sihat & kuat!
    ili, monitor temperature dia. jgn bagi suhu tinggi sangat.

  3. gerammm kat pp aidan..gebu..
    get well soon baby boy!
    cian mama..