Thursday, March 3, 2011

do you ever miss being pregnant?

3 lil heroes inside us - zhank you sari for the pics :)
Well, I miss being PREGGY(I thought I would hate it)! I never ever thought that I would miss it this much but I dooooo! *lol*

NO! IT'S NOT TIME FOR ANOTHER BABY YET! mana lah tahu kot kot ada orang baca ni then ingat I ni tengah ttc baby #2 ke. kekeke, no la belom lagi okay :)

I just miss being big, of course I always looked like a blow fish back then but who cares? :p Luckily I lost all the weight. Thanks to breastfeeding. I miss my bump. I miss every kick and push and bump he gave me!. It's such an awesome feeling! I am more than happy that he is finally here but I kinda feel empty without him being in there. Its something you get used to, and its also a bond between mommy and baby. and no one else can feel that bond. It is special and there is nothing wrong with missing it :)

To all expecting mommies!! Enjoy it while it lasts.. you WILL MISS IT!!

ooops 4 lil heroes okay. semua dah selamat bersalin. alhamdulillah :)

thanks again hot mama for these lovely pics xoxo

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