Monday, October 17, 2011

daycare dilemma?

this morning masa i hantar aidan pegi his daycare centre, tiba-tiba teringat masa mula-mula i hantar aidan gi sana. he was only 6 months old masa tu. first few weeks tu, it turned out to be a disaster for both of us. every time i hantar confirm dia akan meraung-raung. sampai i pon nangis tak sampai hati nak tinggalkan.seriously! rasa macam nak je berhenti kerja & jadi stay at home mom. ebm pon tak nak minum. taknak tido. kesian sangat sangat k.
it took my aidan almost 4 weeks to get used to everyone and a new routine. now, dah okay da .da ramai kawan kan aidan? in fact, his routine has gotten better :-) so parents yang baru nak hantar ur baby to daycare tu jangan stress stress k. here's some tips. my friends yang ada experience hantar anak ke nursery yang bagi i these tips. (yes, i ikot and it works!)
  • dropping your baby off at daycare - when it's time to drop your baby off at daycare, do stay around for few minutes to get your baby settled, communicate any information or explain journal entries to your provider, and then leave. hanging around longer than necessary will give your baby the message that you're unsure about the situation and he may become anxious.
  • jangan tunjuk yang you pon berat hati nak hantar,be cool! nanti ur baby akan fikir, "oh! my mummy cool je, so i should be cool as well"
  • jangan pergi tengok masa lunch time! if nak pegi jugak tengok, jangan bagi dia nampak you.
  • don't be afraid to ring/sms his caregivers to see how your baby is doing (hehe, dis one i call every hour k!)
  • trust his caregivers!
you can also read here and here on how do we handle separation anxiety at daycare xoxo

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