Friday, April 15, 2011

stop comparing! just enjoy!

When i googled babies development milestones, i terbaca this comment at

every baby is different, don't listen to what other people say about their babies and what they can do. NEVER compare your child to others. every baby develops differently. some are slow learners and some are fast. some grow faster and some are slower. every baby reaches developmental milestones in their own time , so just be happy that they are achieving, attempting and growing before your very own eyes.

huhuhu maybe the parent marah sangat kot coz orang sket2 compare baby dia dengan other babies :p oh well..i know no parents that doesn't compare their child to others. when you find out that every other 7 month old has started sitting up without assistance & attempted to crawl, and your lil guy is still wriggling around on his back, you start to worry. I la tuuuu.hehhehehe

So now i know i should have stop comparing babies, so how do i deal with it? okay..first of all I should only be concerned with my lil aidan's growth and development. I will try to focus on what he is doing rather than worry too much about what he's not doing.

One site wisely advises not to think your child is behind but rather than someone else's child may simply be ahead. Our children have a lifetime of competition ahead of them. I think we should let them enjoy being babies and learning new things in their own time. what say you? :)
i'm so happy now can sit.seeeeee.1,2,3...
yikesssssss..count til 10 aidan pon jatuh..hehe.but i'm still happy :)