Friday, April 1, 2011

work vs SAHM

I admit it. I am jealous of Stay-At-Hom-Moms (SAHM). yeah! how i reallllly wish i can take care my own son myself. tak payah nak suruh sapa-sapa jaga & menyusahkan orang lain.

I felt sooooo guilty everytime i hantar my lil aidan pegi daycare. yes, now aidan  I dah  hantar nursery. it's  his day 4 today.

Now, he experiences separation anxiety. tambah tambah plak now dia dah kenal orang. bila i drop him off je terus nangis-nangis. Honestly, it sucks to leave your crying baby at  the daycare. His caregivers bagitahu i that he refuse to drink his milky. and bila lunchtime i singgah tengok dia, punya la happy dia. how could i not feel guilty? Huhhh. I hate myself now. I feel like I'm a bad mom.

I'm so sorry Mohamad Aidan Ilhan. I hope one day you'll understand.

p/s: I've read it somewhere that there is about a 2 week adjustment period for him to get into the daycare routine and get used to napping somewhere new, so just give it some time for both of us to get comfortable. hurmmmm. so let's see lagi 2 minggu camne!!huhu


  1. hello, i ter-stumble upon your blog when i googled for my son's name. my son is aiden ilhan. almost similar to your son's name. ur aidan is sooo cute lah.
    if u wanna see my aiden, visit my blog

    and thanks for sharing those recipe, boleh i try nanti. - zanna

  2. hi zanna. ur aiden ilhan is cute too. haha bley plak kan sama nama :)