Wednesday, July 20, 2011

perlu ke 1st birthday party?

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aidan has reached so many milestones, that it is really hard to believe that not long ago he was a small, helpless newborn. now aidan dah start busy meng'explore & "mengemas rumah" kekeke

by the way, he's turning 1 soon and as his mum, i do wish to celebrate the first year of his life but at the same time i'm contemplating...perlu ke? is there any point? hhmmmm he will have absolutely no idea what is going on and obviously he won't remember any of it. err but then the other part of me really wants to do this. it gonna be a monumental event, at least in the eyes of me & my hubby.hmm tengok la camne kan? there's like sebulan lebih to plan! cewah macam aidan nak tunang pulak sampai sebulan nak planning.

well, it is actually more about the parents celebrating the fact that we have survived 12 months of parenthood! :p

my budak masam @ 10 month, 2weeks 5 days old


  1. proud coz u hv such a adorable handsominious cutiest son! answer is "PERLU! PERLU!" buat la sis.. ;)

  2. thank you babe! :D hehe insyaallah, am planning on it.