Thursday, July 14, 2011

short trip to singapura

flying to singapore is such a waste of time. it takes almost an hour to drive from KL to KLIA/LCCT, then you have to be at the airport for almost an hour (probably more?) so that's like 2 hours. and the flight itself is almost 1 hour = 3 hours, then by the time you get to the city it's already 4 hours. and flying is quite expensive, no? we drove to singapore few weeks back & it only took us 3 hrs ++ dekat jela singapore ni so why waste on airplane tix? tol baru rm90 je pergi balik.huhu just my 2 cents tho.cheers

oh for your info, ur car need an autopass card ala ala touch n go card before entering singapore.if tak silap must top up at least $10 kot kat mana-mana singapore's 7-eleven. one car each. tak boleh sharing sharing ye macam touch n go card. hehe we all prefer guna second link highway (Tuas Checkpoint) to  enter singapore coz JB-Woodlands Causeway  tu quite congested  and kastam kat sana a bit strict so lecehla. you  all can read here for more info

here's some of our photos in singapore. tak sempat pon pegi USS. no time :'( tunggu aidan besar cket la

hrc singapore. fyi singapore ada 2 hrc, satu lagi kat USS tu
@ vivo city wif my relative, cuyah & her babies :)
10 month old aidan
penat sangat ke budanwudan? :p
The best rojak singapore @ Habib's Rojak (West Coast Drive, Ayer Rajah Food Centre)
Blueberry Longan. first time try. sedap jugak  :p
Pekena murtabak singapore@Arab Street before balik KL
Murtabak for 2 please :D

okay i menyesal gila tak beli set periuk WMF tu. seriously only $150 for 6 pots & pans. kat parkson kl rm800++ klu tak silap. huwaaaaaaa. menyesalnyaaaaa. hmmm nak buat camna takde rezeki :'(

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