Saturday, February 19, 2011

pap smear test & thai food

Ehem ladies....have you done your pap smear test? I did mine yesterday @ my famous obgyn Prof Dato' Dr Hamid Arshat. For those yang tak tahu anything about pap smear, its actually a harmless screening test for cervical cancer. Read here for further explanation. 

Sakit tak? Tak sakit pun, just a lil discomfort kejap. I pon mula-mula takot jugak, hehe lagi-lagi baru lepas bersalin. Traumanya masih belom hilang. Trauma punya pasal, I empat kali cancel my appointment :p malu jerrr. Before nak buat tu pon I tanya lagi kat Prof sakit tak. hahaha. I siap suruh my sis teman kay, mane tahu kot kot lepas buat pap smear tu sakit sangat sampai takley nak drive.kekeke Anyway, sape yang tak buat lagi pap smear tu sila la buat. Tak mahal pon. If gi klinik kerajaan, RM 1 je if nak buat kat Klinik Dr Hamid Arshat ni RM30 pap smear + rm60 consultation fee :) It is important to remember that prevention is  always better than cure.

Now,let's talk about thai food! I loooooooooove thai food, who doesn't kan? Pegi lah mana-mana pon kat dunia ni for sure you can find thai food easily. I love their tom yam, steamed fish, nam prik, hor mok talay, thai salads, thab thim krob, thai fried banana, etc. Trust me, I can eat thai food everyday.heeeee tapi tak mampulah nak pegi makan kat restoran thai tu setiap hari :( So what did I do if I dah start craving for thai food???? I cook them.heeeeeee :) 

Thank You Ms Amporn Oleski for your lovely thai recipes. It is superbly delicious & easy for newbie like me to learn. I've already tried 3 of her recipes & I definitely can't wait to try more. My other half said it's delicious :p So...if you love thai food like I do then it is definitely worth your time to check out Ms Amporn Oleski's Blog :)

Thai Steamed Fish with Lime Sauce
Thai Fried Pomfret in Chili Sauce
Stir Fried Asparagus with Shitake


  1. Thumbs up for this entry. I love both issue. Mmg tak terfikir pon nak buat PS. Your entry remind me.

  2. fain, jangan lupa gi buat. PS penting utk perempuan :)

  3. Thank you, ili. That is very nice. I am glad you find its usful.