Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a yee sang dinner

Happy belated CNY! huhu dah habis Chap Goh Meh baru teringat nak wish CNY :p ni gara-gara last weekend we all had Yee Sang for our  family dinner @ Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant. I never ever tasted Yee Sang before. hehe ingat ke tak halal benda alah ni :p Yee Sang is actually a Chinese raw fish salad. The main ingredients of this salad include slices of raw salmon, pickled fruits & vegetables, crackers, carrots, pamelos, roasted peanuts and a variety of sauces and condiments.
My First Yee Sang!
The best part in eating Yee Sang is when all of us had to toss the ingredients with our chopsticks together. The higher the toss, the higher your fortune growth! (ye ke? kekeke kitorang takda la toss tinggi tinggi pon). I really love how all the ingredients mixed creating the perfect taste. Crunchy and soft at the same time. Lovely!

Time To Toss!!
Apart from Yee Sang we also had these....Thank you Abah & Mama for these lovely dinner :)

Stir Fried Venison with Spring Onion & Ginger
Lobster Baked in Butter Sauce (ye ke? alamak lupa laa :p)
Steamed Fish in Soy Sauce
Roasted Crispy Chicken

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