Thursday, February 10, 2011

a gift

The other day, when I was in my room @ my parent's house I saw this

Pls focus on that wording thing!

Btw, it was a gift from mama few years back erm maybe 10 tahun lepas? lupa plak.(that wording thing  ye bukan yg tajine tu. hmm but tajine tu pon my mum kasi. haha tq Mama) Mama gave it one for me & one for my sis, Eggie. Every time I read it I cried. Oh now, I dah bawak balik display kat my house plak :p

To My Daughter, with Love Forever  

When you were a baby
I thought I could rock you in my arms forever
I thought I could look into your button eyes forever
I thought I could play with your little fingers forever
I thought I could watch your adorable grin forever

You are no longer a baby
but a beautiful person with a full range of emotions, ideas & goals
and I want you to know that no matter what you do,
what you think or what you say, 
you can depend on my support & love forever  

Now dah ada my own baby, lagi la menangis bila I baca tu. When I look at Aidan, I feel like I wanna pause the time. I know I'm gonna miss this moments in few years time. Even anytime now if Allah dah tetapkan. I will try my best to spend my free time to be with Aidan coz I know it wont last forever *sobs*
Aidan, Can I hold you like this forever? *sobs*

Not that i'm not grateful but I'm soooooo jealous coz my mil & bibik dapat kiss & cuddle Aidan whenever I'm 9hours at work. Sebab tu la no one is allowed to bathe Aidan. Only me,me,me & always will be me. I hope Aidan will  always love me back bila dia besar nanti. & always remember good things about me. Even if i'm not a perfect mom. I always wish I bley jadi housewife one sweet day. Insyaallah if ada rezeki lebih one day I will. Amin.

I hope I am a good daughter and daughter in law. I will try my very very best to be one coz I want same thing in return :) I tak nak my son hantar I kat rumah orang orang tua macam iklan petronas tu. huwaaaaaaa sedihnyaaaaaaaaa.

Tokma & Aidan - both I love, dunia akhirat.

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  1. ili, tears. awat entry sedih2 nie... most touching yg picture ili cakap "Aidan, can i hold you like this forever?"
    i told you, babies milestone very fast. semalam tak sama dengan harini... *sobs*